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Tracy Groves

Tracy Groves is the president and founder of the Heartwood Outdoors, which is a ministry team that shares the gospel through seminars, sportsmen dinners and shooting demonstrations.  Heartwood Outdoors invites special guests to go on hunts to build, encourage, and impact others in the great outdoors.

Tracy an avid hunter began his passion in the outdoors at the age of 12 when his dad introduced him to the hunting world.  The passion for the outdoors and his archery experience led him in being selected for Bass Pro’s Redhead Field Pro Staff; he is also a Pro Staff member for PSE Archery, Elite staff of HHA Sights, Hunters Safety System, Lightning Bowstrings, Lightning Arrows, Morrell Targets, Steel Force Broadheads, Browning Firearms and The Mossy Oak Regional Pro Staff Manager.  Tracy finds his greatest enjoyment is scouting and hunting big bucks on public game lands.   He has successfully harvested whitetail deer, black bear, wild boar in six states and Canada. You will find his name listed in the Pope&Young record book.  Tracy lives by this motto: “Success is not found in the size of the animal, success is found in the heart of the hunter.”  Tracy spends much of his time in developing an Outdoor Retreat Center for men and boys who are facing challenging times in their lives.   Tracy resides in Eldersburg, Maryland with his wife Teresa. He has two daughters and a son in law who has a passion for the outdoor lifestyle. 

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Troy Groves

Troy is the vice president of Heartwood Outdoors. Like his younger brother Tracy, he has been hunting since the age of 13. Troy enjoys not only bow and gun hunting, but all aspects of the outdoors. One of Troy's greatest outdoor passions is filming many of Heartwood Outdoors hunts.

Additionally, Troy serves as a Pro Staff member for Mossy Oak. When not in the woods hunting, he enjoys camping with his family. He intends on leaving his hunting legacy and his excitement for the great outdoors with his three daughters.

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Gary Groves

Born in Bedford Pennsylvania and raised on a farm, Gary has been hunting since he was 13. While he may not have any trophies hanging on the wall, he has many memories under his ole cap and he continues to create more and more with his two sons and five granddaughters.

Mr. Groves is not only the president of the Royal Ranger Alumni, but he has served on the district and executive staff of Royal Rangers since 1982. He is a past president of The Gideons International, an active member of the national council of Royal Rangers, and a 1989 graduate of the Dale Carnegie Course. He thoroughly enjoys spending his time assisting with the Maryland Disabled Hunters program.
Since he retired from General Motors, he has spent countless hours mentoring young men and young boys to grow to appreciate the great outdoors for all that it is. He strives to keep alive the heritage and dream of the American hunter and our right to keep and bear arms.

Gary's biggest accomplishment in his life has been his marriage to his wife Faye for 46 years, and the raising of his family.

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Dick Morgan

Raised on a farm, Dick has been hunting since the age of 13. He continues to do so as he resides in southern Pennsylvania with his wife Brenda. His enjoyment comes from the memories he makes in the outdoors with his friends and family. His heart for mentoring boys into fine young men doesn't stop with his own two sons.

Dick ministers to boys in the Royal Rangers program, a ministry for boys between five and 18 years of age. His passion for the outdoors has blessed him with the opportunity to hunt in numerous states as well as Canada.


Matt Morgan

Matt grew up in the outdoors with his father, Dick, who is an avid outdoorsman himself. Matt developed a passion for the woods early on, and that passion still drives him today. His love for the outdoors extends into not only hunting, but hiking, fishing, and camping. He especially loves sharing his passions with his wife Kelly, their son Carson, and the family beagle, Tucker.

Matt's two greatest hunting passions are pursuing the majestic whitetail and the elusive gobbler, but he will pursue just about anything that offers a challenge. He currently resides in Pennsylvania where he works for the National Park Service and owns and runs his own taxidermy business. On the weekends, Matt enjoys the opportunity to meet new people while working outdoor shows as a Pro Staff member for Mossy Oak and PSE Archery.

The relationships that are built with others, while spending time in the outdoors, is the single most meaningful part of hunting to Matt. Those relationships extend from his from his buddies, to his dad, wife, son, and his Heavenly Father.

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Barry Howe

Hailing from up north, Barry claims the woods and waters of Michigan as his boyhood home. His attraction for hunting and fishing were realized at a very young age. Through the completion of a hunter safety course, and with the issuance of his first hunting license, he was equipped with the ability to expand his experiences. A 20 year career in the military provided him further opportunities to enjoy the outdoors; not only across the Americas, but around the world.

His favorite activity is bowhunting, yet his skills don't end there. He is proficient with rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, handguns, and is even known to plink with an air rifle occasionally. In addition to hunting, Barry greatly enjoys the time he gets to spend with his friends and family; wife Tammy, son Dale, and grandson Hayden. Whether it is casting a line or sitting around a campfire, fellowship has a place in Barry's heart. 

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Mike Cocolin

Mike is an avid history buff and one of Maryland's native sons. In 1983, Mike's love for history and his interest in black powder firearms culminated in his first black powder whitetail hunt. After a few more seasons wandering around looking for deer, he harvested his first whitetail buck with a .50 caliber patched round ball. His fortunes didn't end there, as he was blessed with two more deer that season, and has been hooked on hunting ever since.

Not to be discouraged by a family who doesn't have a single member who hunts or fishes, with archery equipment in hand, Mike had his first close encounter with a whitetail. This was just the first of many bowhunts that ended with meat in the freezer. Through the fellowship with experienced hunters and friends, Mike nurtured his passion for the outdoors into what it is today. Although he loves the thrill of the close action that bowhunting provides, he still enjoys the smell of black powder and the challenge of a one shot kill.

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Dale Eger

Dale was born and raised in central Maryland, growing up he enjoyed working with his hands and spending with his dad tinkering and learning how to fix almost anything. Later Dale was taken under the wing of Heartwoods very own Mike Cocolin and the Royal Ranger Program, learning the outdoors in a new way more than working but camping, hunting, fishing, marksmanship, and survival skills.

In 2010 Dale was introduced to the Heartwood Team and one person in particular, Tracy’s oldest daughter Ashley, needless to say four years later they were married and most recently added a newest edition to their family a baby girl, Natalie.

Since marrying Ashley (a successful hunter and avid outdoorswomen herself) his love for the pursuit of wildlife has exploded! Whitetails, Black Bear, Predators, and a personal vendetta on Maryland’s Squirrel and Groundhog population. He enjoys these pursuits but more then any would be Turkey.

In his young age, clinging on the words of experienced turkey hunters around him he has become a proficient turkey calling having called in several birds and laying down several himself, and is an active member on the Mossy Oak Prostaff: Turkey Division, and the NWTF.

“God, Friends, Family, and a Campfire; put those together, and you’ll learn more than any book can teach you.”-Dale Eger